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Playing with Colors

So I wasn't planning on doing a BLOG on this but it was quite the journey so here goes... I got a new toy. Grabbed the BtS shots at the last second when it occurred to me to do  BLOG... ugh - should have done a VLOG! A  Light Tube - specifically a $45 LUXCEO RGB "Portable Wand"... I had been looking at various ones for a while and they were just honestly expensive for what I saw their usefulness as. Jump to Christmas and I have a $50 Amazon gift card - and I happen to see a YouTube video reviewing this little $45 Light Tube... so I bought one... I know - SHOCKER! Okay, so enough on my G.A.S. psychology... let's get on to the toy! So I decide I need to do the one thing that a Light Tube seems to be born to do... Swing around during a nice long shutter drag to create patterns. Let's start with The Setup: Monster on Plexi Platform held up by two boxes... LED wearing FESNEL modifier off to camera left... Light Tube behind Plexi - and it gets swung aro