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Playing with Colors

So I wasn't planning on doing a BLOG on this but it was quite the journey so here goes... I got a new toy. Grabbed the BtS shots at the last second when it occurred to me to do  BLOG... ugh - should have done a VLOG! A  Light Tube - specifically a $45 LUXCEO RGB "Portable Wand"... I had been looking at various ones for a while and they were just honestly expensive for what I saw their usefulness as. Jump to Christmas and I have a $50 Amazon gift card - and I happen to see a YouTube video reviewing this little $45 Light Tube... so I bought one... I know - SHOCKER! Okay, so enough on my G.A.S. psychology... let's get on to the toy! So I decide I need to do the one thing that a Light Tube seems to be born to do... Swing around during a nice long shutter drag to create patterns. Let's start with The Setup: Monster on Plexi Platform held up by two boxes... LED wearing FESNEL modifier off to camera left... Light Tube behind Plexi - and it gets swung aro

Morning Bird... No Worm...

We made a quick trip to Cosley Zoo (great place to visit if you are looking for a quiet spot to enjoy - and photograph - some animals) in Wheaton, IL, arriving right at opening that morning, and found this beautiful bird still snuggled in and not quite ready to start the day. Most of the animals were lounging around and awaiting their morning keeper visits but this one just looked so snugly and perfectly content. There is something to be said for waking up in the perfect position and being so perfectly comfortable that you just feel like you need to just stay there and enjoy the moment until you absolutely have to move. In my head, that was what was going through this bird's mind that morning. Sometimes the worm just ain't worth the tradeoff... Sometimes you just gotta' enjoy the moment and accept that there will be another worm tomorrow.