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In Vino Veritas...

Glass is always an interesting subject in that it is very unforgiving regarding lighting... and reflections of said lighting... and of just about everything else in a 5 mile radius of your location... Now take that glass and bend it around so that it is curved and contoured... And then shape it into a vessel capable of containing liquid... Then try to photograph it with specific highlights and lines - and not others... And now we come to In Vino Veritas ... Because in your endeavor to control all light and reflections while photographing said glass vessel of liquid you will become suddenly and painfully aware that the truth is that you need a wine... stat... in great volume! Which reminds me, I need to restock my wine rack. Okay, so it's not THAT bad... but it can be challenging... While also quite a bit of fun and a tremendous learning experience... Recently, I had a bit of a go around with a camera, some strobes, a few modifiers, and a bottle (or few) of wine... My first sh

'ROARING' 20s and... Paleontology?

Ah, yes... the Roarin' 20s! No more war - soldiers comin' home... Automobiles... Electricity... Everything was getting better, bigger, and easier to get your hands on... The economy grew by 42%... Forty Two Percent!!! Jazz was in the air... Flappers were swingin'... Booze was flowin'... Shhh... Don't tell anyone about that last one... Prohibition, ya' know. And raging debates were taking place among paleontologists... Um... wait... what!?! Paleontologists? Hey, buddy... is someone zozzled on foot juice? Yep, paleontology. Apparently the Tyrant Lizard King (Tyrannosaurus Rex) was having a bit of an up hill battle in claiming the thrown. You see, there was some debate as to its classification... and you know how those paleontologists get when they can't agree on classification. Um, yeah - they snuff at one another and storm off to measure some things and jot notes detailing millimeters and geology terms. Okay, so these paleontologists (Matthew, Brown,