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Band Kids Never Give Up...

I photographed my 1st Marching Band Invitational... well, my son's band's marching band invitational - his first (he is a freshmen) but their 3rd annual. My son's school band hosted it but there were 14 visiting bands... his band was only scheduled (we'll get back to that 'scheduled' point later) to do an exhibition performance since they were hosting - hosting band does not compete. His band competed at one last week and will do so at another next week... busy schedule these band kids keep. Luckily there were 3 other photographers as well (there were likely a few thousand people there between bands, parents, and friends)... two were other parents and one was a student and band member so he didn't get to shoot the entire time, but he did shoot quite a bit... Side Note: That student photographer I just mentioned - He is a senior and an amazing fashion photographer with a phenomenal eye - particularly for his age! Please check out his Instagram